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Our Team

Andre Menke | SIM & LEARN

Andre Menke

Professional Career

Trained eye optician and watchmaker
Training as a pilot at the Verkehrsfliegerschule Essen Mühlheim
Many years of experience in the general aviation
For more than 18 years working as a commercial pilot in a large, well-known German airline, on both short, medium and long haul flights.
More than 10 years of experience as a flight instructor. Longtime trainer in business consulting, communication and team building.


Lives in Neustadt am Rübenberge
2 children
Passionate model maker

Areas of focus

My main focus is to adapt the structures and processes of aviation to the economy. Among other things: process development, secure communication, checklist work, dismantling hierarchies, process fidelity and Feedback. Of course, as a pilot and trainer, I accompany the training on our Boeing 737 simulator.

What distinguishes me:

As a pilot, I always bring the professional way of working, which is coupled with structured and process-related processes, into an individual training course. In order to adapt to new processes out of the aviation industry, I attach great importance to team building, clear communication and a pleasant atmosphere during our training.
Customers and colleagues alike confirm the consistently high level of quality and sustainability of my trainings true to the motto: “The training does not end when the day is over, but when the customer is confident in the content he has learned.“


Aviation, business consultancy, medical industry

Mark Teichgräber | SIM & LEARN

Mark Teichgräber

Professional Career

Training as a Pilot at the Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule Hamburg.
Many years of experience in the general aviation.
Flight captain in a well-known German airline.
Longer experience abroad in North America as an airline captain.
Trainer Boeing 737
Trainer crew and team resource management, communication und teambuilding
Pilot for parachute jumping


Lives in Hannover
Married with 2 children

What distinguishes me:

In the highly dynamic working area of an aircraft, it is important to prioritize complex problems and to work with them as work packages.
Clear communication, adherence to procedures and processes and the involvement of the team is essential for a safe flight.
It is precisely these points that are crucial for company as well.
My passion and my experience in aviation enable me to convey these points sustainably with fun, humor and many living examples.

Hannah Flocke | SIM & LEARN

Hannah Flocke

Professional Career

Licensed flight dispatcher including AZF.
About 7 years of experience in the operation center of a well-known German airline.
Professional experience in business and ambulance aviation.
Additional training as a trainer.
Trained in safety risk management.
Working as Safety Officer since more than three years in a renowned airline.


Lives in Burgdorf
Glider pilot
Horsebackrider (Show jumping)

Areas of focus:

Training in our Boeing 737 simulator, especially feedback culture, dismantling hierarchies and teambuilding.

What distinguishes me:

I design my training empathetically, varied and combine it with a high degree of individuality, which in turn creates a relaxed and learn oriented environment.
In order to participate in the men dominated aviation world, I specialize in the dismantling of hierarchies and like to combine this with a tailor made team resource training for our customers. The development of a functioning and living feedback culture is a main focus of mine.




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