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Business Consulting

Our Approach

Sim & Learn stands for further education and training with strategies and methods from the world of the aviation industry. We carry out the transfer of these successful methods into your company.

The main idea arises from the following question:

Why do airline crews, who change on a daily bases, manage to work optimally together ?

The aviation industry has developed effective strategies and instruments from which your company can benefit also. In many industries, aviation‘s safety strategies are relatively unknown, so far.

Sim & Learn offers several trainings in the field of communication, process management and leadership with the help of our Boeing 737 simulator.

In exercises, specially designed for the respective target group, the participants apply the methods learned in our simulator.

Due to the realism of the simulator the participants experience firsthand the results of their training.


The Sim & Learn training units are structured in such a way that, in addition to thorough preparation for the learning objective, the content can be sustainably adapted in your own company.

Overview of our training topics

In a joint discussion, we develop the strengths and weaknesses of your company and then offer you a sustainable training concept, tailored to your needs !

In addition we offer you the possibility to book an unforgettable team event.

Wheater it is a Christmas, opening of the year or summer event.

Individual, tailored to your wishes, your company event can be combined with a training that will benefit your firm.


You and your team will also fly to learn! 




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